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Re: 2.4.18 kernel hang using Symbios driver

At 17:54 1/05/2002, Donald R. Spoon muttered something like:
Rob Byrnes wrote:
Has anyone else had problems booting a 2.4.18 kernel with the SYM53C8XX driver? I have a Cabriolet running Woody, and while kernel 2.2.20 with the same the driver loads up fine, I get SCSI RESET error messages and then a hang while trying to boot into 2.4.18. The SCSI card is a Tekram DC 390U.
I have also tried the "generic" NCR53C8XX driver with identical results.

Yep! I have a 300 XLT that uses the NCR 53c8xx driver for the built-in NCR 810a scsi controller. The card is also supported by the newer SYM53C8xx drivers, and I have checked it with all of them... same results. My system will hit the driver code during boot, fail some internal checks, disconnect the controller from the bus then go into a kernel panic when it can't find a file system to mount. Works OK on the 2.2.20 kernel. Several other people here with XLTs have reported the same thing with these drivers.

So it's obviously the driver, since the controller on the 390U is the *875

It seems to be specific to this set of drivers. Paul Slootman got his XLT to boot with the 2.4.18 kernel by using a different SCSI controller card for his main boot FS. Another reported sucess with some older 2.4.X kernels (one with the RH 2.4.3 kernel from RH 7.1, and the other had it working on a 2.4.5 kernel, I think.).

No solutions other than these that I know about. Would appreciate news of any success you might have...

Hmm ... LSI have a patch on their website, I might try that.

I am not familiar with the Cabriolet.  Are you using MILO or SRM to boot?

I'm using SRM. The Cabriolet is in the PC64/EB64+ family, uses the 21064 chip at up to 275MHz and was originally termed a "Raster Image Processor" for the printing/imaging industry.


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