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Re: EM86

Huh, changing that thing in /proc/sys/net.... made it work, thanks guys. It got real frustrating because most sites which refer to Alphas have links to stuff on the compaq site.

Has anyone here had problems with SCSI CDROM/Burners in AlphaLinux? On every kernel i've run so far on this box (all 2.4 kernels), i've always had to misfortune of having random crashes which all occured while accessing the CDROM (a DEC drive that came with the server). Now i have a burner in the box, and it burns well, but after each burn the box dies due to the fact that the SCSI driver seems to go to shit on me. At the console it'll just lock up the box, but in X its must stranger than that. What's in RAM i can play with, but as apps go to read from teh HD they halt. I can start up a new xterm, a window will pop up for it, but because running /bin/bash requires reading from the HD the shell never comes up. While on an uptime binge my box crashed while reading a file on the cdrom (i was at 38days!). SCSI storage controller: QLogic Corp. ISP1020 Fast-wide SCSI (rev 05), thats what SCSI controller i have, its an onboard controller.

While im listing my problems, may aswell make the list complete. Has anyone here gotten OpenGL going on an Alpha? I am using a PCI ATI 32Meg Radeon card, its a nice card and X runs great with it. The only problem/complaint i have is that i cant get OpenGL because of the lack of the GLX extension for the card. For x86 users its as simple as telling make menuconfig for the kernel that you want DRI support for the Radeon. Unfortunately for me, that option doesnt come up unless i add support for AGP which i dont have/use. I'm considering ditching the card for another so suggesting another card is a possibility.

Video playback, mpegs are fun and all, but well, does anyone know how I could view different formats of video? Possibly asf, maybe divx? I know im asking much here, but it woudl be fun.

I run Debian Woody, and i did "apt-cache search flash" and there was no flash plugin/app that came up, you sure you arent using Sid?

Richard Fillion

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