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woody axp install problem

I'm having trouble installing Woody on an Alphastation 250 4/266.  Booting EWA0
from the tftp image worked and the initial configuration screens went fine.  I
netloaded the basic system from the linux.csua.berkeley.edu mirror.

After booting from DKA0 to finish the install I was prompted for timezone info,
the root password, and to create a user account (which I decline, prefering to
do it after the install).  Then the message "/etc/console/bootime/kmap.gz"
appeared on the screen and I was brought back to the timezone prompt.  I cycled
through the whole thing a few more times, but it seems to be an infinite loop.

How do I move past the timezone configuration dialog?

I have not yet filed a bug report -- should I file on boot floppies?


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