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Re: graphical browser for alpha/stable

On Mon, May 20, 2002 at 09:58:37PM +0200, G?nter Knab wrote:
> Problems with A): every rpm I've tried with 'alien $rpm; dpkg -i $rpm'
> doesn't work:
> - SuSE 7.1 netscape-4.76
> - ftp://updates.redhat.com/7.0/en/os/alpha/netscape-communicator-4.77-1.alpha.rpm (and netscape-common-4.77-1.alpha.rpm)
> - http://tru64unix.compaq.com/internet/communicator_v478.tar.gz
> All failed with the following error although the file exists, and is exutable
> bash: ./netscape: No such file or directory
> What is missing?

As stated in the acrobat Thread elsewhere, it looks like I need the
OSF/1 Libraries.  I found one:


and then:
alien Tru64-compat-1.0-7.alpha.rpm 
-- Examining Tru64-compat-1.0-7.alpha.rpm
only packages with major numbers <= 3 are supported by this version of RPM
query of Tru64-compat-1.0-7.alpha.rpm failed

Is this fun?


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