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RE: EM86

>Of course, while I was in the middle of composing the first edition of this
>Netscape crashed.  However - what URL were you using? I noticed one of them
>was dead. I was able to download the software earlier this week.

I know while working @ Compaq I was briefly working with someone who
wished to pick up em86 development to produce a version that
works with a modern glibc, etc.

We had a few problems with the runtime and I never heard back from him.
I know I did provide a newer x86 emulator image for the project.

>Try the following URL: netscape
>You'll need Alien, and, IMHO, I'd convert to a .deb and install in one
>I still can't figure out how to tell apt to install from an arbitrary .deb.

>Also, why bother with EM86? Most of the "interesting" apps on that platform
require NT.

I really do not undderstand this statement - could you please elaborate?


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