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Re: Debian on Alpha DEC 2000 AXP

Marc Bigler <marc_bigler@yahoo.com> writes:

> I downloaded the ISO of the latest Debian potato release (2.2r6) for
> Alpha and unfortunately when I boot it get stucks. I own a DEC Alpha
> 2000 AXP (a.k.a. Jensen if I wright) 64 MB RAM, an old machine but
> still runs Tru64 :) So I wanted to change for Linux as I saw that
> Debian is the ONE and ONLY linux which runs on this modem I tryed it
> immediatly.
> So now about the problem, I boot using aboot and choose 0 as boot
> option. Then I see that it's booting but when it gets to the last line:
> parport0: no IEE-1284 device present.
> It simply blocks and I cannot do anything :((

The problem is that Jensens can't boot the generic kernel image, they
need a custom one (as only subarchitecture). I'm not sure whether
there's a Jensen kernel on the 2.2r6 ISO, if there is,you could try
booting with boot dxxx -fl "i" and point aboot to it. Or you could use
the hardcore method and dd the Jensen floppy image onto a harddisk and
boot from that.

Incidentally, I have just committed a patch to the debian-cd scripts
for woody that should make it possible to boot a Jensen with boot dxxx
-fl "3". I have not tested it yet, though, perhaps somebody can build
images and put them somewhere, I lack the bandwidth for that.


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