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Re: Abwesenheitsnotiz: test of non-subscribed user apache failed Apache log - what is this? Apologies re: VPN + Roadwarrior Bad Signature (was: Re: SSH) Bind9 stopped after 34 days of uptime binding samba to specific interface... Bug#172835: shorewall should use update-rc.d Bug #173254 Submitted: Snort In Stable "Unusable" CFS bug (was: CFS problems) CFS problems CUPS vulnerabilities (remote root compromise) Custom firewalls using Debian? (lol!) Dedicated Firewall + snmpd smux 199/tcp Re: [d-security] Multiple MySQL vulnerabilities Re: [d-security] Re: syslog-ng[164]: STATS: dropped 0 Encuesta junto a desarrolladores de software y/o sistemas en America Latina exploit for (Debian's?) pfinger (fwd) File system integrity checkers - comparison? firewall advice FTP-SSL Re: FTP-SSL - very nice Fuera estrés ya !!! how to identify the superuser in C init.d startup sequence for shorewall Intrusion Attempts IPTables configuration. kernel: lockd: connect from unprivileged port Kernerl Vulnerability Fwd: Local root vulnerability found in exim 4.x (and 3.x) more mail stuff Multiple MySQL vulnerabilities Need an advise about isolating a host in the DMZ NETSTAT: warning, got bogus TCP line OpenLDAP ssl support / SASL support Pine and mail folder permissions. pop mail recommendations Pop mail virtual user security [LONG] port 113 Possible security violation in the suck-package? Re: proposed-updates-version of mysql [was: Re: [d-security] Multiple MySQL vulnerabilities] proposed-updates-version of mysql [was: Re: [d-security] Multiple MySQL vulnerabilities] Removing stupid HTTP methods from Apache Shorewall from stable to testing smtp-auth Re: SNORT not adding entries to snort/portscan ??? Solo para tí SSH Stack-smashing protection suse's openldap2 audit relevant? syslog-ng[164]: STATS: dropped 0 TCP: Treason uncloaked / UDP: bad checksum. Re: test of non-subscribed user Too make a long story short... UNSUBSCRIBE unsubscribe Re: UNSUBSCRIBE UNSUBSRIBE Updating Snort Signatures In Stable ? RE: Updating Snort Signatures In Stable ? -- SNORT 1.9.0 for woody Using Razor and Debian Mailing lists /usr/lib/ VPN + Roadwarrior Where to install the firewall scripts The last update was on 18:44 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 357 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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