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Re: Bug #173254 Submitted: Snort In Stable "Unusable"

>>>>> "Sander" == Sander Smeenk <ssmeenk@freshdot.net> writes:

    Sander> I think that would be doable, although I have no idea if
    Sander> 1.9.0 depends on specific libraries only available in
    Sander> unstable atm. So i'd have to look into this some time..

    I've been building latest snort on woody without problems. If
someone is interested I usually upload updated versions for woody on:

deb http://debian.fluidsignal.com/ woody/updates main
deb-src http://debian.fluidsignal.com/ woody/updates main


Luis Bustamante                    mailto:luferbu@debian.org
The Debian Project            http://www.debian.org/~luferbu

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