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Re: File system integrity checkers - comparison?

On Wed, Dec 04, 2002 at 06:44:12PM -0800, Johannes Graumann wrote:
> and was wondering as to what this group is prefering and why or whether there are other more trusted alternatives.
> My main argument ageinst tripwire is it's pseudo-commercial source.

I use tripwire and recommend it strongly.  The version in unstable is
100% free software, and the quality is very good.  It's probably best to
build it from source if you want to install it on a non-unstable system.
The source is available at www.tripwire.org.

The only drawback to tripwire, IMHO, is that because it's written in
C++, it may be difficult to get running on non-x86 systems.  Presumably
g++ 3.2 will help address that issue.


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