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hi ya abelmmg

On Wed, 18 Dec 2002, Rick Moen wrote:

> Quoting Yahoo (abelmmg@yahoo.es):
> > I am interesting to setup a ftp daemon with SSL option, which is an
> > useful option ???  and I need some ftp-ssl client for windows 2000, is
> > there anyone free ?

just wondering... why not offer  https  instead of ftpssl ??
	( lot more ready-to-go https clients too )

otherwise secure windoze clients ...
        ( winscp and equivalent ...

> I think the second question (almost) answers the first:  The big
> problem with offering ftp-ssl is the shortage of compatible client
> software -- and all the puzzled e-mail from users who expect their
> regular ftp software to work, and report "bugs" when it doesn't.
> On the server end, you can use Roxen Challenger or SSLftpd.  And there
> are probably other ways, too.

c ya

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