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Re: Need an advise about isolating a host in the DMZ

On Wed, 2002-12-18 at 15:11, Blars Blarson wrote:
> In article <1040204536.12811.100.camel@parker> haim@consonet.com writes:
> >create a second DMZ, but that would cost me the lost of three ip's, so
> >I'm trying to figure out ways to isolate him without putting it in
> >another subnet.
> There's no need to use extra IPs just to set up another subnet.  Just
> use the same IP on multiple interfaces of your firewall, and with proxy
> arp routing nothing but your firewall needs to know the details.  The
> only thing I've found with broken assuptions about how IP works is DHCPD,
> so your firewall will need a real IP for each segment it acts as a DHCP
> server for.  The ip command is your freind, it allows much finer-grained
> control than the commands it replaces.
Just to make sure I understand before I dive into the iprute howto, do
you mean I can give 2 interfaces on my firewall the same ip, one is
connected directly to that host, the other to a switch, and only have to
setup things in the firewall?

> I've got a /24 split haphazardly into six subnets.  The routing table
> on the firewall is something like 50 entries just for that /24, but
> none of the other systmes known the details -- they just arp and send.
> (Even if I renumbered this beast, the routing table wouldn't be tiny,
> there are over 200 hosts unevenly split between the segments.)
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