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Re: test of non-subscribed user

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On Monday 02 December 2002 16:43, Nathan E Norman wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 02, 2002 at 03:21:28PM +0100, IT - Sven Mueller wrote:
> > However, I am not really able to tell why this kind of users is allowed
> > to post here. A pointer to a previous discussion would be enough for me,
> > but I couldn't find one in the archives (maybe I'm using the wrong
> > keywords in the search).
> It's in the archives, but here's a brief recap:
> Scenario 1.
> You are a debian user, but you don't subscribe to any debian lists.
> Suddenly you suspect you have a security issue.  You immediately dash
> off an email to the debian-security list hoping someone there will be
> able to help you.

Well, in this case, I would realy advise that person to subscribe to the list, 
as replies usually go (just) there. Especially discussions (if any arrise) 
will happen there and not include any additional CCs to the original poster.

> Scenario 2,
> You are not a debian user, nor will you ever be one (perhaps you are a
> BSD person, or a redhat zealot; whatever).  You find out about a
> vulnerability and decide to let the world know about it.  Of course,
> one of the lists you post to is debian-security.

This seems to be a better example to me. Accepted as a (very) valid reason. 


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