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Quoting Alvin Oga (aoga@Maggie.Linux-Consulting.com):

> otherwise secure windoze clients ...
>         ( winscp and equivalent ...
>         http://www.linux-sec.net/SSH/client.gwif.html#SFTP

That's a listing of "MS Windows SSH Clients", and includes 

o  SafeTP -- but that has no SSH support
o  CuteFTP -- but that has no SSH support (CuteFTP Pro does)
o  GlubTech Secure FTP -- but that has no SSH support
o  InterSoft International, Inc. SecureFTP -- but I see nothing 
      suggesting it will support any SSH protocol, do you?
o  HostExplorer -- but that doesn't do SSH, just Kerberos.
o  SRP -- but that's not SSH at all

Am I missing something?

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