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Re: VPN + Roadwarrior

On Wed, 11 Dec 2002 at 07:41:55PM -0700, Aaron Anderson wrote:
> I'm planning to setup a VPN to bridge 2 networks over DSL as well as have
> the ability to have people connect to the network from home.  I wanted to
> get an idea of what experiences that people had had and what packages
> they've used.  I have looked at FreeSwan but haven't set it up yet.  I have
> setup CIPE but my problem with it is that it doesn't die gracefully and
> doesn't seem to have home user support.

If you implement IPSec, my experience (as of 6 months ago) with IPSec is
that it works great, as long as you use the same implementation on all
host.  IPSec isn't a hard "standard" yet therefore different
implementations may not have compatibility, and if they do have
compatibility it is kind of a "hack job".  I used FreeSwan.

Like I said above, use the same implementation and same version on all
hosts and you should be fine.

Of course you will set up a CA Hierarchy so you can revolk people from
the VPN...



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