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Re: Stack-smashing protection

A Saturday 07 December 2002 2:37, David B Harris va escriure:
> On Sat, 7 Dec 2002 01:09:59 +0100
> Albert Cervera Areny <albertca@jazzfree.com> wrote:
> > So it isn't really that the hole system runs 8% slower. Sorry for my
> > first explanation... Now I think it is an overhead which is afordable
> > seeing its benefits.
> For your purposes, anyways.
> As has been said, this will likely never be a Debian-wide thing; I
> imagine that if anything there will be an option for it.

Well... then I don't think It could be an option as It would require recompile 
almost every package again for each architecture and then I don't think it'd 
be possible :-(

That was just an idea...

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