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Re: Dedicated Firewall + snmpd smux 199/tcp

smux stand for multiplexed agents, basically, you have a frontend main
agent and some smux sub agent, managing only a part of the mib, the main
agent querying the sub agent when the tree is requested. This is deprecated
and replaced by agentx protocol (same story of agent/sub agent). 

I dont thing this is a bug, this is a maintainer choice to enable smux, it
have been for a while and people using it (ok, there must not be a lot of those)
wont be happy.  Filtering / recompiling are the best solutions.


On Sun, Dec 15, 2002 at 04:39:14AM -0400, Gerard MacNeil wrote:
> On Sat, 14 Dec 2002, Javier [iso-8859-1] Fernández-Sanguino Peña wrote:
> > 
> > PS: BTW what is smux for? On a (brief) search it seems to be a way to
> > associate managers to MIBs that are later provided in the SNMP daemon to
> > management statiosn...
> > 
> I have seen smux used for session management by freeradius.
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> Gerard
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