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Re: Using Razor and Debian Mailing lists

Raymond Wood:
> Someone else mentioned that one should also remove the Debian
> 'unsubscribe' line at the end of the offending email.  Since
> this is more work than simply forwarding the email unchanged to
> Razor, can you or someone else confirm whether this additional
> step is really necessary?

A munged message would "contaminate" razor database with extra things
which do not really belong to the original spam message. I don't think
this is good. Many more people will benefit if nobody submit munged messages.

If you want a quick method to remove the footer, this is what I use:

#!/bin/sed -f
: mas
t vale
$!b mas
: vale
/^-- \nTo UNSUBSCRIBE, email to .*\nwith a subject of .*/d

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