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RE: pop mail recommendations

A little HTTPS PHP web page lets users change passwords, enter a
vacation message or set up personal exim filters.
We don't allow remote pop3 or imap - all is SSL wrapped. We run
SquirrelMail through https for users who want a web client.

The nicest thing IMO though, is that we only allow relay for
authenticated smtp connections via TLS and have a system filter that
automatically copies all outgoing mail into a Sent folder - we don't
have to rely on buggy clients, and users that have several PCs/Laptops
etc, can see ALL their Sent items in a single server-side imap folder.

All our domains, users and aliases are read by exim from a local mysql

Using maildir format makes it easy for exim to filter into sub-folders
etc. We can have shared folders with a single READ status for our tech
team etc etc.


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> On Fri, 06 Dec 2002 at 12:48:19PM -0000, Jeff AA wrote:
> > We have exim / courier [pop imap pops imaps] using maildir formats
> > and controlled from mysql for virtual users accepting mail for about
> > 20 domains.
> How do you handle virtual user password changes with this setup?  Can
> the users change their own password?
> Phil
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