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Re: test of non-subscribed user

Raymond Wood wrote:
> Alright, based on what you say then, I will assume that it is
> fine to *manually* forward obvious Spams received via the debian
> lists to Razor via the 'spamassassin -r' command.  I only report
> the definite Spams that are not already being caught by
> Spamassassin.
> If there are any problems with my intended course of action,
> please feel free, anyone, to let me know  :)

If you decide to do that, make sure you remove the debian footer
"To unsubscribe..." from the message before reporting it to razor.

BTW: It's sad that the listmasters have not installed razor v2 in
lists.debian.org yet. Someone please ask listmaster@lists.debian.org
to install razor v2. I already tried several times without success :-(

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