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Bind9 stopped after 34 days of uptime

Hi all

I've been running my company's server with Linux in the same computer for 
about six months. Tonight, when I arrived home (my company is in my house) at 
about 6 a.m., I noticed I could not browse any website, and noticed that the 
DNS server (bind 9) was stopped. It was up when I left at 15.30h. I restarted 
the service and everything is OK now.

We currently have an uptime of 34 days, and this had never happened before. 
The computer is running Woody, upgraded every night (via cron.daily). I've 
been looking at my logs, trying to determine at what exact time the dns 
server failed, but I cannot figure out. We never lost connection from the 
Internet, as we use a secondary name server provided by our name registrant 
(gandi.net), so as far as I can tell our name did not stop being resolvable 
from the outside (that explains why I didn't stop receiving mails, I think).

Well, if anyone has ever had a problem like this and can lend me a hand or 
give me some advice, I'll be very happy to hear you :-)



Luis Gomez Miralles
InfoEmergencias - Technical Department
Phone (+34) 654 24 01 34
Fax (+34) 963 49 31 80

PGP Public Key available at http://www.infoemergencias.com/lgomez.asc

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