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Re: more mail stuff

On Tue, 10 Dec 2002 at 02:21:46PM -0800, Ted Roby wrote:
> I decided to go with popa3d, along with stunnel. Thanks to Tim van 
> Erven for inspiring this. Now I have some security questions in regards 
> to Exim. I see no reason to broadcast to the world exactly what version 
> of exim I am running, or even that I am running exim for smtp services. 
> I've already modified the received_header_text variable in exim.conf to 
> reflect the information I am willing to give out. However, I cannot 
> figure out a way to modify the header message given when logging in on 
> port 25. Does this require a compile option? If so, are there problems 
You would need to recompile after editing the source.  Be careful, much
of the information in this line is useful to the client...also when you
run your own exim you loose the support...so when security updates come
out you are responsible for recompiling again.  Given this fact I would
see such action as more of a security risk than leaving it as is..


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