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Re: Need an advise about isolating a host in the DMZ

On Wed, 18 Dec 2002 14:19:52 +0200 (IST), <haim@consonet.com> wrote:

>I'm thinking about using qmail as the smtp(only have access from the mail
>relay server)/pop3 server (from what I've read this is a very secure
>software). any suggestions about what ftp server should I run (is proftpd
>secure enough)?

I've switched to vsftpd (there's a deb in Woody), which works fine and
is said to be written very securely, though it's not as full featured
as others.

(I haven't tried any others, apart from the stock Debian ftpd - there
have been so many security problems with daemons based on the old BSD
codebase that it seems worth switching to one that's completely new
and unrelated.)

Nick Boyce
Bristol, UK
"... the fundamental design flaws are completely hidden by the
superficial design flaws."
Douglas Adams(1952 - 2001): So Long and Thanks For All The Fish.

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