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Re: Bug #173254 Submitted: Snort In Stable "Unusable"

Quoting Kjetil Kjernsmo (kjetil@kjernsmo.net):
> > Atleast, that is what I have seen most people doing.
> *raises hand*


> I wondering, could it be an idea to have a fast-moving archive for 
> things like SpamAssassin rules, Nessus plugins, Snort signatures, 
> perhaps virus signatures in the future, etc.? Has there been any 
> discussion on such a topic?

>From reading the previous threads about this sort of issues, links
provided to me by the bugsubmitter, I found that there were earlier
plans to create such an archive, but I couldn't find anything actually

> That way, one could package these things in separate packages, which is 
> made available in a separate archive, and people can apt-get them from 
> there as they do with security updates.

But sepparating the ruleset from the snort binary distribution doesn't
fix the problems as it is now. I mean, if snort.org releases new
rulesets they might not work with older versions of the binary, so you'd
have to either rewrite the rules for older binaries or release new
binaries too.

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