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Re: Using Razor and Debian Mailing lists

Hiya Debian,

On Mon, Dec 02, 2002 at 11:23:11PM -0500, Phillip Hofmeister wrote:
> Please do not have your procmail or anything else automatically mark
> mail sent from debian's list as spam.  Several valid emails have ended
> up in my "Junk" folder because someone is reporting them to razor.

I noticed this with bugtraq mails (yes, ok I know bugtraq is moderated
but it was easier to filter all my mail than select stuff).

This is the reason I stopped using razor.  Surely if people can do this,
razor is worthless?

SpamAssassin's Bayes modules look interesting - should be in 1.50 when
that's released as stable.  Hopefully they will catch the spam that
spamassassin doesn't quite catch for me.

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