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Re: Bad Signature (was: Re: SSH)

Simon Huggins wrote:
> > This is Evolution 1.2.1 / GPG 1.0.6
> > And i can't verify Kilians mail, too.
> I can.

Thanks, Simon. I began to doubt about my own signature authenticity. :)

> > IIRC OE is using a non-standard way to attach the sig. That's the
> > reason Evo is failing to verify the sig.

By the way, OE does not sign the message. It is "intercepted" by
GPGRelay when I click Send, then signed/encrypted, and then really sent.
You can see http://sites.inka.de/tesla/gpgrelay.html for more info.

> Why then does mutt verify it fine here?
> mutt 1.3.28i and gpg 1.2.1

Because of an Evo 1.2 bug ? :)

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