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Re: smtp-auth

Quoting pain (pain@tulinet.com):

> I need to add smtp-auth capabilities to a postfix MTA. The postifix
> documentation talks about sasl to do this. Is this method secure?
> Exist other (better or more secure) alternatives? 

The SMTP-AUTH service is part of the ESMTP extension, which in turn is a
profile of the SASL authentication mechanism.  So, they're not separable.  
Please see:  http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc2554.html

Postfix incorporated SMTP-AUTH in 2000, using the Cyrus SASL library.
(In Debian, this is in package postfix-tls or postfix-snap-tls.)

(None of the above is from personal experience; I'm just reading docs.)

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