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Re: Bind9 stopped after 34 days of uptime

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On Wed, 25 Dec 2002 15:03:19 +0100
InfoEmergencias - Luis Gomez <lgomez@infoemergencias.com> wrote in

> Hi all
> I've been running my company's server with Linux in the same computer
> for about six months. Tonight, when I arrived home (my company is in
> my house) at about 6 a.m., I noticed I could not browse any website,
> and noticed that the DNS server (bind 9) was stopped. It was up when I
> left at 15.30h. I restarted the service and everything is OK now.

I've had exactly the same on our corperate primary nameserver (Slackware
with bind 9.2.1), because there was no logging I couldn't find out why
bind stopped working.

Paranoid: Perhaps there is something with bind 9 we don't know about
(yet...)? :-) No, I honestly don't know yet.

> Well, if anyone has ever had a problem like this and can lend me a
> hand or give me some advice, I'll be very happy to hear you :-)

Can't help you on this one right now, but I certainly will watch this
thread closely :)

Merry Christmas everyone.

Regards, Jan

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