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Re: Updating Snort Signatures In Stable ? -- SNORT 1.9.0 for woody

* Sébastien Desse <sdesse@euresys.fr> wrote:

> I saw a lot of discution about snort 1.9 on woody.
> I just whant to tell that we do need the 1.9 !
> why don't we use an another directory (like contrib) where we can put
> unstable softwares built for the stable distribution ?

I would appreciate this, too. :-)

> For those who are interested in snort 1.9 without using unstable and without
> last glibc and uploaded it to a website : http://acdessec.chez.tiscali.fr/

Another source for a current Woody-snort is (as posted to this list here

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