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Re: test of non-subscribed user

>>>>> "Sven" == IT  <- Sven Mueller <debiansec@berndes.com>> writes:


>> Scenario 1.
>> You are a debian user, but you don't subscribe to any debian lists.
>> Suddenly you suspect you have a security issue.  You immediately dash
>> off an email to the debian-security list hoping someone there will be
>> able to help you.

Sven> Well, in this case, I would realy advise that person to subscribe
Sven> to the list, as replies usually go (just) there. Especially
Sven> discussions (if any arrise) will happen there and not include any
Sven> additional CCs to the original poster.

There is more than one way to retrieve the messages from this list.
Some people, for example, just use the online archive, because they find
checking a website occasionally more convenient than being subscribed to
another list.

Others might use a mail<->news gateway such as news.gmane.org, so they
are not directly subscribed to the mailing list.

Many people also have multiple email addresses, and the address which
they post with might not be the same address which they have subscribed.
(I don't even *know* what address I used to subscribe to this list.)

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