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Re: pop mail recommendations

On Friday, Dec 6, 2002, at 03:18 US/Pacific, Sven Hoexter wrote:

On Fri, Dec 06, 2002 at 12:07:10PM +0100, andres wrote:
apt-get install qpopper


*rotfl* Hope that wasn't a serious answer.
apt-cache search pop3

I suggest popa3d from http://www.openwall.com but I'm not sure
if you can use it in standalone mode.


I like the look of popa3d, but it does not support md5 or ssl transport. I know this is trivial protection, but every layer helps.

Qpopper does look interesting. Since version 4 it has been released as free open source (I'm compiling it now, just to take a look). I have experience with Eudora mail products, primarily EIMS running on MacOS, so I am familiar with their processes.

Thanks for the suggestions so far, and please feel free to give more.

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