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Re: Bind9 stopped after 34 days of uptime

El Lun 30 Dic 2002 08:16, Berend De Schouwer escribió:
> I've made the mistake of running bind with debugging (to find one bug), and
> have bind create a 2GB /var/named/named.run file.  Bind crashed because
> that file was too big.  Doh!  If your Bind crashes regularly after X days,
> see if its creating its own (non-syslog) log file.  Effects are similar to
> a memory leak.

It's not, but thanks anyway!

Since I restarted the service on the night of the 24th, it's been running 
normally. Maybe I'll wait other 34 days (until January the 28th or so) and 
see what happens.

Thank you!


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