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Re: Bug #173254 Submitted: Snort In Stable "Unusable"

Quoting Nick Boyce (nick@glimmer.demon.co.uk):

> Sander's preferred option would be to remove the Snort package
> altogether in these circumstances.  What would be quicker : remove the
> package, or add the warning to the web-page ?   I guess we ought to do
> *something*.


IMHO, nobody reads the webpages at packages.debian.org before installing
a pacakge. A prospective user wants an IDS so he/she does 'apt-cache
search "intrusion detection"' sees 'snort - lightweight intrusion
detection system' and decides to install it. Atleast, that is what I
have seen most people doing.

Therefore I would more like to either remove the entire package *OR* add
a debconf / other intrusive warning that tells users that the package
gives them a fake sense of security and instead they should considder
installing snort 1.9.0 from source by doing apt-get source -b
snort from the unstable archives or by building it themselves.

It's the most effective way to prevent stable users from running
outdated security tools.

My $0.02,

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