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[no subject] **Eixm4.14 + perl + autoreply with attachments.. Re: [despammed] Re: HELP .. need to upgrade libc6 to a higher version ???? Re: [despammed] Re: Visitor based netoworking [Help...Help] LDAP + Proftpd .... [PEAR-DEV] Re: Proposal: A need for simple development helping tools/scripts [Urgent] Samba problem AntiSpam - What about DCC? Antivirus license Apache proxying illegitimate requests Attachment Filtering Notification AW: loadbalancing AW: {G} Problem Compiling Exim on woody best socks setup Bill Gates' ludicrous ideas to "block spam" bind 9.2.2 recursive lookup problem CGI and PHP Scripts courier-imap und fprot Crypting filesystem... Curious log entry? Cyclades dial on demand and masquerade Documentation Exim from source on woody fake ARP spoofing script not working .. File Group Ownership in Samba Find out how long a connecting has been open. Re: Frozen Food Delivery Canada Gestion de Inventario Has anyone used etinc bandwidth manager on Debian? HELP .. need to upgrade libc6 to a higher version ???? HELP Need to setup bandwidth shaping box ...Got tough boss. How to not trigger auto-responders? HTTP execute Re: IDE Controller for large disk (was: Large Hard Disks and Debian) IDE Controller for large disk (was: Large Hard Disks and Debian) IP over IP: moving host Is sendmail trusted-user feature broken? Large Hard Disks and Debian LDAP AD auth on woody loadbalancing Looking for a TSP Re: Mail architecture for up 30.000 accounts Mailserver and seperately Listserver in one Network with IP-Masq Max. File Size mod_rewrite : the weapon of mass-destruction. multiple hisax ? mysql admin user problem ntop with Imagestream WANic Optimizing Apache OT: good open source (or other) MUAs that work under Windoze OT: linux and threads PHP 4.2.3 Woody backport? PHP versioning and security information Posible DoS or amavis bug ??? Postfix problem on 2.4.21-ac2 PPP-= SERVER and RADIUS PPP-Server proxy help Re: radiusd-freeradius Remotely editing files Remove Large File review host based intrusion detection sytems Router appears in tracert but can't ping? Re: Routingtable vulnerability Samba & LDAP Sarge CD-ROM installation Re: Selecting source ip Re: sendmail or qmail or what? Server hacked - next...? Sharing ppp conections without chanel bundling Sin of sins Compile errors on red hat .. Slightly OT: They're forcing me to install Red Hat spoofing MAC was Re: Visitor based netoworking Re: sshd owns mysql? SSL wrapping of Outlook ? sympa/pg/debian install woes synchronous interface card suggestions transparent proxy with multiple squids? trying to understand 8bit emails udp broadcast forwarder Unidentified subject! UNSUBSCRIBE unsubscribe A user-mode-linux / virtual networking / zebra HOWTO! Visitor based netoworking Woody Exim and LDAP Woody Stable and Kernel 2.4.21 Woody, FreeSwan and a SonicWall Pro 100 XEON SMP KERNEL 2.4.20 tree your win new credit card {G} Clamav + Amavas + Exim4 + correct config ???? {G} Exiscan ?? {G} Problem Compiling Exim on woody The last update was on 06:57 GMT Sat May 11. There are 273 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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