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Re: Visitor based netoworking

On Mon, Jun 09, 2003 at 03:36:22PM -0500, Alex (LEX) Borges wrote:
> I know this is doable by hand, but im wondering if anyone knows of a
> cool set of scripts or something for visitor based netoworking
> (something like dhcp+cbq+iptables to control whos accesing what and to
> allow acces to a network where you should on a time basis...etc. Think
> hotels with eth access or airports with wifi)

I've used the following two solutions personally:

- Nomadix gateway. Great product, if the customer has money, use it. 
- NoCatAuth - perhaps something that you're looking for. It's open, so
  you can change it how you want. Dynamic resets of either iptables or
ipchains (whichever you have, it'll setup for) on authentication by




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