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Re: Antivirus license

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I have a doubt respecting amavis...
I've read there are some antiviruses that run in daemon mode (clamav-daemon,
sophie) because if you want to check a lot of files every 2 or 3 seconds
(like a mail server does), it takes a lot of resources to load virus
definitions every time, so they load definitions once and stay as a daemon.
But I thought AMaViS implemented this. Am I certain? Does AMaViS load virus
definitions every time a mail is checked? I mean, is useless a daemon
antivirus with amavis?

El Martes, 10 de Junio de 2003 10:38, Samuele Catusian escribió:
> On Tue, Jun 10, 2003 at 09:43:36AM +0200, Tomàs Núñez Lirola wrote:
> > [omissis]
> >
> > Kaspersky and F-Prot (two examples) have a product for a mail server.
> > If I use
> > their product for a personal use (wich license price is a 5% of the
> > mail
> > server license) with amavis, am I doing something illegal? Does the
> > license
> > permit its use with amavis?
> > I need to know it for sure... so can anyone help me?
> I think using those products behind AMaViS imply a non-personal use,
> since, usually, a mailserver serves many users.
> > However, the open alternatives (clamav, openantivirus, etc) are stable
> > enough?
> > They get updated fast enough?
> We've running a Postfix (with its built-in UCE Controls) + AMaViSd-new
> and ClamAV system and it works pretty well. All of the packages are
> avaiable in Debian (amavisd-new and clamav are backports to woody.
> Just take a look on apt-get.org) and work nice. The updates are usually
> fast and the db seems to be quite up to date. I got a server unreachale
> error the last two days, perhaps due to the BugBear fever, but it does
> not happen so often.
> I think you should give ClamAV a chance and almost try it, and
> eventually migrate to (or simply add) other commercial products if
> you'll get unsatisfied.
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