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Re: XEON SMP KERNEL 2.4.20 tree


On Wed, Jun 11, 2003 at 09:21:27AM -0400, Theodore Knab wrote:

> I have 3 dual processor IBM Netfinity Servers with the XEON P3 (1Mb Cache).
> The machine type is IBM Type 8665-6RY.
> I recently updated from the 2.4.19 to the 2.4.20 kernel using Debian
> Sarge source tree. Both machines gave me a hard crash after a few hours
> of running. Since both machines locked solid, logging is limited. 
> One of the machines which was under a heavy load crashed
> within 1/2 hour of running. I compiled both kernels with the old
> 2.4.19 .config file.
> Does anyone know of any SMP problems with the 2.4.20 kernel ?
> If not, who should I report this too and what information should I
> provide them ?

Which compiler did you use? GCC 2.95.4 is known to create buggy SMP
kernels, at least it did in my experience. If you used that one, you may
want to try using 3.x.



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