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Re: udp broadcast forwarder

Be warned that the game that you are trying to play was designed to experience exceptionally low latency -- going over a WAN may cause it to choke. You might find that after doing all of this work, you can't even play the game that you wanted to.

We don't know what kind of router you have, but I must assume something Debian based. And since this is broadcast traffic, any host on your LAN is going to pick up these packets -- not just the gateway.

If you are not using something Debian related, then you are asking in the wrong place. =)

You can capture the UDP broadcast packets with iptables, and then mangle and forward them over something like a GRE tunnel.

"man iptables" will help you figure out the rule that you will need. The destination is of course going to be your network broadcast address, along with the fact that the packets are UDP and probably of a specific port range will let you create a unique rule. The target of your rule will be to forward to you're GRE tunnel with the destination to one of your other LANs, where another device is going to be the tunnel endpoint.

I think that the big problem here is the destination field of the UDP/IP packets -- they are going to be for one LAN, and not the others. I guess you will have to mangle the packets too. iptables can do this.

GRE tunneling capability is a Linux kernel issue, and you will have to include that during compile time, or make it a module (if a modularizing it is possible).

Create your tunnel with ifconfig (I think???).  Do a "man ifconfig" here.

I didn't answer your question directly, but this can help you figure out how to do it on your own. This isn't going to be pretty, but it can be done with a little careful thought.

You are going to need to work with Linux kernel compiling, iptables, ifconfig, and IP networking.

Good luck!

kgb wrote:

how i can bridge udp broadcast traffic on my router between each
interface something like ipxbridge but for udp broadcast traffic i want
to make people can browse lan games on different network and from each
of three networks people can see same LAN

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