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Re: Visitor based netoworking

But what if you need an "open" system? Not loggin into domain but 
loggin in via webinterface? E.g. when they try to surf the net they 
get redirected to "authenticate here first".

On 10 Jun 2003 at 9:06, Bastian Winkler wrote:

> perhaps the following could fit your needs:
> http://linux-rep.fnal.gov/howtos/Authentication-Gateway-HOWTO/
> personally i use pam_iptables in combination with a samba PDC to
> control network access with iptables+htb for windoze-clients on domain
> logon. its a nice way to control some special kaazaa users whatever
> machine they use ;-)
> buz
> On Mon, 2003-06-09 at 22:36, Alex (LEX) Borges wrote:
> > I know this is doable by hand, but im wondering if anyone knows of a
> > cool set of scripts or something for visitor based netoworking
> > (something like dhcp+cbq+iptables to control whos accesing what and
> > to allow acces to a network where you should on a time basis...etc.
> > Think hotels with eth access or airports with wifi)

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