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Re: PPP-Server

for I#m goning to have a siemens sx1, i've no need for hscsd and, if i
understand it right, there is no way to use gprs with a dial-up

and about the server thing, i had the impression, that mgetty should
do it (i need one laptop connection to the server (which is very
cheap to call) to use my dsl internetconnection and to connct to my

MK> Install the Debian Package 'portslave' it use RADIUS 
MK> and is easy to install. 

MK> Please note, if you use HSCSD (High Speed Circuit Switching Data) 
MK> with your Laptop/Cell-Phone you need an ISDN-Modem which talks 
MK> V.90 Protocol like the USR Courier I-Modem which you can get on 
MK> <http://www.ebay.com/> for 10-30 US$ (was for some years about 
MK> 400 US$) and use an ISA port. 

MK> I run 4 of it in One Box so I have 4 x V.90 or 4 x 56k/64k/112k/128k

MK> Michelle

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