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Re: {G} Exiscan ??

On Thu, 12 Jun 2003, Gregory Machin wrote:

> I have exiscan up and running on problem. it sends the sender of the
> viruse infected email an error message saying the email ,is infected and
> wont be tarnsmitted.
> How to i configure exiscan to tell the recipient that thay were protected
> from a virus , customer like to see this stuff ...
> Many Thanks
> Gregory Machin

It's on by default.

in /etc/exiscan/exiscan.conf look for $rcpt_notification = 1;

and also, to edit the message displayed, see $rcpt_notification_text

This will only notify them _IF_ the mail had a virus, not every message
even if its not [which would be rude, leave it up to AVG and the like to
do that.]


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