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Re: Samba & LDAP

On Mon, 2003-06-02 at 16:35, Bastian Winkler wrote:
> if you are using samba with "--with-ldapsam", samba is looking for the
> lmPassword and ntPassword attributes in ldap. it is no problem to keep
> this password in sync with a small script and samba set "unix password
> sync = yes" in your smb.conf. if you really want to use the
> unix-passwords with samba you must not use encrypted passwords :-( 
> read ENCRYPTION.html in the samba-doc package for this problem.

FYI samba can do 'ldap passwd sync' when it modifies the LDAP password
directly with a modify_password LDAP operation. No need for scripts,
passwd chat, etc. This works with the samba package in sid, it has to be
patched, though, because the password change operation is no longer
experimental in slapd v2.1 which is also in sid.


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