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Re: Bill Gates' ludicrous ideas to "block spam"

On Sunday 29 June 2003 05:39, Gene Grimm wrote:
> Has anyone heard any details about Gates' new ideas on how to "block"
> spam? [...]

> First, he wants to create a "challenge response" scheme [...]This is what 
> I fear:

> 3. Recipient's mail client downloads incoming message for analysis
> 4. Recipient's client does not recognize sender and sends 'challenge'

Hmm. As far as I understood, it should be a thing between the MTAs, with the 
MUAs not being involved. But this would of course require the MTA to have a 
database of all recognised mail senders, which is really easy to do with a 
highly integrated mail system where the MTA does many MUA things, too, and 
the MUA is just a browser - much the way M$ is trying to load more and more 
functionality on the mail server and have the mail client be just a window 
that launches an explorer instance to display an activeX control to display 
the mail.... which of course helps locking the customer of such a system to 
the M$ platform ...

> I think Gates' second idea is more of a joke. He wants to require mail
> senders to "offer cash" to the recipient. The recipient would get the

The idea to have email work the same way as the snail mail service is 
absolutely not new. But I guess now that the Big Bill has proposed it, it 
will be discussed again. The conclusion will probably be the same: since 
pretty much everybody can set up an email system, it will basically never 
work. The first ISP trying to require this for messages sent to his customers 
would be out of the market quite quickly. I guess this goes even for big 
names - how many customers would aol have after two weeks if 80% of the 
non-AOL Internet can't send mail to AOL? (look at history: how long did the 
various messaging systems like compuserve, fido, the old AOL, ... continue to 
live after integration with internet email has become the standard?)

-- vbi

No good deed goes unpunished.

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