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Re: Routingtable vulnerability

On Mon, Jun 02, 2003 at 04:38:42AM -0700, peace bwitchu penned:
> I'm not saying your wrong but I don't see that in the
> changelog for 2.4.21-rc6. 

Sorry.  You are correct.  I meant -rc4.  The original RH ioperm fix in
-rc3 was the one which wasn't quite right.

> The ip conntrack routing table hash exploit had been fixed in 2.4.21-rc2.

doh!  You are correct again.  I need to be more careful in reading the
chaneglogs.  All the release candidates from -rc4 to -rc6 had other
minor little "gotchas" which would make me cautious about using them on
productions machines.  It's now up to -rc7.  Hopefully, this will be the
last.  I think even Marcelo is tiring of the many release candidates for
2.4.21. :-)

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