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Re: Visitor based netoworking

Really interesting question. Just thought about that some time ago. 
Are you planning to have a login-page to authenticate (or maybe use a 
credit-based system) for surfing? What I'm looking for is a solution 
that allows several websites to be accessible (e.g. hotel-website 
etc.) but disallows regular internet-usage until you buy some 

Did anybody already "hack together" such a solution? Does a project 
for such a thing exist or maybe would anyone vamp one up?

On 9 Jun 2003 at 15:36, Alex (LEX) Borges wrote:

> I know this is doable by hand, but im wondering if anyone knows of a
> cool set of scripts or something for visitor based netoworking
> (something like dhcp+cbq+iptables to control whos accesing what and to
> allow acces to a network where you should on a time basis...etc. Think
> hotels with eth access or airports with wifi)

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