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Re: XEON SMP KERNEL 2.4.20 tree

On Thu, 12 Jun 2003 00:14, DI Peter Burgstaller wrote:
> same happened to us when we upgraded our xSeries 340 DP to 2.4.20.
> After replacing every conceivable part of the machine, we tried a
> 2.4.21rc6 which now seems to work fine on our test system. The
> production machines have been downgraded to 2.4.19 until all tests have
> been
> completed successfully.

How long have those machines been online?

There is a discussion about the 2.4.21rc kernels on the SE Linux mailing list.  
Machines running 2.4.21rc kernels seem to have a kernel memory leak which 
makes them unusably slow.  Opinion is divided on whether this is a kernel 
issue or a SE Linux issue.  I don't believe that it is SE Linux at fault as 
the SE code we are using is a straight port from 2.4.20 (and should run 
equally well as on 2.4.20).  However other people have seen some evidence to 
suggest that the problem may only occur on SE Linux machines (I don't run any 
non-SE machines at the moment for testing).

I would like to see some more data-points about the reliability of 2.4.20-rc 

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