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Remotely editing files

Hi all,

I hope this is an acceptable list to ask this...

Im a Windows guy by trade, however recently have been gradually
switching our servers from Microsoft to Debian. Ooh I love apt-get :o).
So does my now useful old Pentium 233!

Anyway, as part of this I wanted to find a way to remotely manage a DHCP
configuration file, in an automated fashion. When we add a new customer
to a portion of our network, depending upon circumstances we set up some
DHCP configurations for them.

At the moment, I do this manually, but I would like to be able to have
it happen automatically when I add the customer to the Network
Management app (which is web based).

All I need to do, is find a way to securely connect to the Debian system
(from a windows server at this stage, the programmer isn't confident to
work in a deb environment) and load, modify and save the dhcp.conf file.
Better is be able to restart DHCP afterwards.

Can anyone point me in the right direction for how I might go about
achieving this?

The box is pretty secure, and relies on SSH for remote administration.
Access, as I said, would be an automated process from a Windows based

Im thinking (and please, remember im a newbie!) that I should use a
process that grabs the file, changes it, and replaces the old file, and
use a cron job to enact the changes on the hour.

Any better ways? Realtime updating of the DHCP configuration would be


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