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Re: Visitor based netoworking

On Tuesday 10 June 2003 10:53 am, Stefan Neufeind wrote:
> But what if you need an "open" system? Not loggin into domain but
> loggin in via webinterface? E.g. when they try to surf the net they
> get redirected to "authenticate here first".

I think what you're looking for is implemented in a system called NoCatAuth, 
which was also mentioned by John Keimel.  It's fairly simple Perl, and is 
easily extensible to authenticate against just about any database.  Patches 
already exist for Radius, and others.  There is also a C version called 
NoCatSplash.  See http://nocat.net/

This system is in wide use here in Portland, Oregon, for displaying messages 
to anonymous clients of public wireless networks.  It is easily adaptable.

Neither NoCatAuth or NoCatSplash are yet in Debian, due primarily to a 
complete disregard for the FHS, but if anyone is sufficiently motivated, this 
could be changed...

 - Keegan

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