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IP over IP: moving host

We have some administrative [accounting] applications that can be 
called only by a certain user, with a certain machine, and a certain IP.
For user identification [password] and machine id [a portable] there are 
no problems ... (the portable has an OS that does not allow ipsec)
We wish the user can move on other sites. Of couse if he move away 
and connect from another network the ip would change.
If he uses a dialin connection via PPP it is all ok, since he can use a 
dialin access in his office, that connect to a server that assign him the 
"right number" (of course it is free, since the machine is away) based on 
his userid, so from home he get the same address that in the office.
But if he move to another office, on a different network, and 
cannot/don't want to connect via dialup ?
I thought of setting in that remote site an old machine (I have tens of 8 
MB ram 486/P120) , just with the duty to act a gateway having on the 
eth two address , the one of the gateway of the home network, and 
another of the real address of the real network [they cannot overlap 
since are both publics, but one could also use a different NIC] . This 
host should send trought a tunnel to a machine in home network that 
would reinject to the router as if came from there. (or i could assign to 
the nmoved machine a private address, and tunnel to home network 
where traffic would be shown as local with home address)

How to do ?
Leonardo Boselli
Nucleo Informatico e Telematico del Dipartimento Ingegneria Civile
Universita` di Firenze , V. S. Marta 3 - I-50139 Firenze
tel +39 0554796431 cell +39 3488605348 fax +39 055495333

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