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Re: OT: good open source (or other) MUAs that work under Windoze

On June 1, 2003 07:49 am, Chris Evans wrote:

> It's suddenly occurred to me that I may be wrong to assume that there
> are no good open source MUAs that run under windoze, and I thought
> that this might be a good place to ask the people most likely to have
> had to try them or deal with the problems that they and other MUAs
> cause, so here I am asking a little OT but hoping people will point me
> to things I can try.

As far as OSS, have you considered mozilla mail, although integrated with 
mozilla browser there's a move afoot to change that (see 

Another client that I know of is Mulberry (not OSS), see 
http://www.cyrusoft.com/mulberry/ ... both of these clients have the 
advantage of working on many operating systems.

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