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Re: loadbalancing

On Wed, 2003-06-11 at 16:15, Theodore Knab wrote:
> Will the Linux Virtual Server keep track of sessions for something like 
> Squirrel-mail on Apache ?

You can set a --persistent flag to achieve a similar behaviour.

>From the man page of ipvsadm (from the IPVS patch):
-p, --persistent [timeout]
Specify  that  a  virtual  service  is  persistent. If this option is
specified, multiple requests from a client are redirected to the same 
real server selected for the first request. Optionally, the timeout of
persistent sessions may be specified given in seconds, otherwise the
default of 300 seconds will be used. This option may be used in
conjunction with protocols such as SSL or  FTP  where  it  is important 
that clients consistently connect with the same real server.

> I want use it to provide higher than 99.25% availability. ;-)

Shouldn't be too hard... 

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